Dog Boarding

The Lodge interior
Boarding Pricing
All large dogs stay in the Lodge at $54 per night.
All small dogs stay in the Cottage at $45 per night.
Private Suite in the Lodge at $78 per night.
Any boarder picked up after 1:00 PM on their day of departure will incur an additional $10.00 charge.
Discounts (only one discount applies per visit)
Any additional dog from the same family sharing the space will receive $10 per night off the initial rate.
10% discount for dogs staying beyond 7 nights.
10% discount for 3 dogs or more from the same family.
Daycare Pricing
$24 for full day.
$12 for pick-up by 1:00 or drop-off after 1:00.

The Lodge is “home” to our larger size guests, generally 35 lbs. and above. In it are suites ranging in sizes of 7×8, 8×10, 10×10 and 10×12. All suites provide dog doors accessing a covered patio and a private play yard. This provides your dog the freedom to come and go throughout the entire day. These doors are opened at 7:00 AM in the morning and remain open until dark with a final outside visit as late as 8:00.

We know that dogs find comfort in the company of other dogs, therefore our Lodge is a “companion” kennel. Should there be a compatible fit available, single family dogs will be partnered with one other dog of the same temperament and activity level. Families of 2 or more dogs will have their own suite.

If you want your only child to bunk alone or if your dog is non-social we offer suites, at an additional charge, for private use.

The Cottage interior

Our smaller boarders have their own building which has more of a traditional kennel set-up. These kennels are 5×6 indoors, with a 5×12 attached outdoor run.

The runs are covered and have an artificial grass turf for footing which is comfortable to lay on, does not irritate the pads of their feet and minimizes the dragging in of dirt to their sleeping quarters.

Each dog has free access to their run during daylight hours.  There are two large, attached play yards for the kenneled dogs which they can have access to either by themselves or with others to play throughout the day.  In addition, there are two indoor play areas where the little tykes can have fun and be social with other dogs through-out the day.

Both buildings provide sleeping areas that are covered in a cushion like, hygienic rubber flooring. The outdoor play areas are natural grass with shade trees.

We have 7 various play areas where guests are taken to play, chase balls, swim, dig in sand  and/or socialize with other dogs.

We also offer two water features for added enjoyment. Our smaller kids get to visit the fun splash pad with bubblers and fresh flowing, non-chlorinated well water and our Lodge boarders get to enjoy our beautiful spring-fed pond !

Because both water features are sourced with fresh water we are happy to say that your pet will not be ingesting any chemicals during this play experience.

Unlike most other boarding facilities, our dogs are being let out as late as 8:00.

At dark, all dog doors are locked for the safety of all pets.


Daycare is offered on an availability basis. If it is peak season or during the holidays our staff must focus on our boarders thus not having the required time to devote to daycare visitors. Please call ahead.

PLEASE BE AWARE : We will not accept back any boarder that proves to be a nuisance barker, an escape artist, is in any way destructive to its kennel or yard or exhibits any behavior that is deemed aggressive either to another boarder or an employee.