Frequently Asked Questions

What hours are you open?

Monday through Sunday:

Kennel staff is here 7:00am – 9:00pm

Office is open 8:00am – 5:00pm

Pick/ups and drop/offs 8:00am – 4:00pm

Exceptions by appointment only

Closed on all major holidays for drop-off or pick-up

Though we are here working with the animals throughout the entire day and up to 9:00pm in the evening, we have limited the hours of public access so that our guests may settle into a routine and not have constant disturbances.

  • The owners live onsite
  • All indoor areas have piped in music and soft night lighting.
  • The property is monitored 24 hours a day by surveillance cameras.

What are your requirements for Spaying and Neutering?

We do not accept puppies under 6 months of age. All animals must be spayed or neutered.

What are your requirements for Vaccinations?

We require the following canine vaccinations be up to date during their stay with us.

  • Rabies
  • DHLP: the Canine Distemper Parvo Combo Vaccine. We will accept other variations.
  • Bordetella: the Kennel Cough Vaccine or Intra-nasal.

Though we do not require the canine influenza vaccine we do strongly recommend it.

For felines we require the following vaccinations:

  • Feline Rabies
  • FVRCP: the Feline Distemper Parvo Combo Vaccine.

Do you provide pet food?

We encourage our dog and cat clients to supply their own food for their pet’s stay. This keeps a consistent diet in place and keeps sensitive tummies from getting upset.  Be sure to supply a sufficient amount and remember to include drop-off and pick-up days when planning your rations. Please be aware that while here most dogs are quite active and burn more calories than at home. For this reason you may want to include extra food to satisfy an increase in appetite.

We feed premium quality wet and/or dry foods twice daily and there is no additional charge if you choose to have us supply their meals.

Do you accept Adoptions/Rescues?

Though we whole-heartedly support and encourage all adoptions and rescues, we cannot accept any animal into our kennel that has been in your care less that 30 days. This is to ensure that you have had adequate time to attend to any medical issues that he or she might have, and also it allows that you have had ample time to get to know your new pet, thus being able to best advise us as to its care.

Are there any dogs you do not accept into your kennel?

We welcome all dogs as long as they are not a nuisance barker, destructive to their space (digging, chewing, etc.), an escape artist, or show a sign of aggression in any way, whether to another dog or an employee.

Do you charge for extras?

There are NO charges for “extras.” We don’t feel that exercise, attention or the good will of a given treat should be “extra.” Pets that stay with us get all of that as part of our care-giving and we are glad to do it!  (If you do not want your pet to have treats or snacks while here please let us know in advance.)

What are your rules regarding Medications?

When booking your reservation please advise us of any and all medications your pet is on. We will use our discretion as to which meds we will or will not administer. We will not administer any life-sustaining medications. If your pet is on multiple medications there will possibly be an additional charge.